QOL zone focuses on the promotion of quality of life.


► By measuring the quality of life.


► By assessing the organization or team.


By periodically repeating the measurement and applying the results, a cycle of quality or performance improvement is created.

Quality of Life

The concept of 'Quality of Life' can no longer be ignored in today's society. Application of the concept within the care for people with disabilities determines what the most important domains and indicators of quality of life are.

The POS-360 is a scientifically validated instrument based on the 8 domains of quality of life as described by Schalock and Verdugo.

Why Qolzone ?

Various instruments have been developed for assessing individuals, teams or organizations in the area of quality of life, which have been brought together in one platform through this site.

Qolzone offers the measuring instruments digitally but also provides services and solutions to assess the results and to be able to start immediately and practically.

In this way a cycle of constant quality improvement is created.

There are three important areas of attention for each application.

  • Assesment
    Interviews and / or measurements take place in this section

  • Research
    Here the results of interview rounds are reviewed and interpreted


  • Application
    Perhaps the most important and difficult step. What can we do with all the collected data? Where do we find targeted support or training to transform the outcomes of the research into improvement programs for individuals, teams or organizations


Work on Quality of Life as an organization.

This management scale has been developed to evaluate the operation of organizations in terms of Quality of Life.


Talking about quality of life together.
That's what you do with the POS!

The Personal Outcomes Scale (POS) measures the quality of life of a person, based on the 8 domains of quality of life.


Create High Performance Teams


The Championship Formula Inventory is a
360-feedback instrument used for Human Resource Management and Team Building.